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Top Corporate Secrets! Other Quicker Faster Programs Than Ours.

  1. The weight loss market is the largest one in the global health related market. It is worth $500 billion in the United States alone.
  1. We have the know-how for product formulation that can induce a weight loss of at least two to three pounds a day (perhaps even more), i.e, a true Mega Blockbuster. 
  1. It is actually simple:
  • Start with a combination (not just one) of mild poisons: Poisons that don’t kill instantly but are still very harmful. Being harmful is important. Preferably ones sourced from nature so that the body can recognize it. Then, the body will try very hard to remove this poison combination through excretion and perspiration. You will lose water, but, weight consequently very quickly.
  • Furthermore, add in a combination (not just one) of strong diuretics which will increase the flow of urine.  Use well known so called ‘water pills’ typically prescribed to control hypertension.  Strong cups of coffees in the pill form belong here.  Also, a combination of laxatives can be used additionally. The more habit forming the better as you can create more captive users.
  • Add in a combination (not just one) of diaphoretics, which will increase sweating.
  • Forcing the users more sweating through exercises, hot bath, and sauna treatments.
  • Forcing the users to cut down on water consumption.
  • Add in a combination of stimulants such as Ephedra (or Mahuang). Then, the body will not be able to relax and rest. Keep the body constantly alert (more than wake) so it is constantly burning calories.  There are other tricks such as fooling your thyroid gland (which I am disclosing for its dangers).  Of course, there are such narcotics as meth which just makes the metabolism go crazy many days with complete loss of appetite for ordinary foods. 
  • Consequently, some people can even lose 10 pounds a day.  But, this is not a good thing. Very harmful and highly illegal. But, sadly, variations of the above tricks come as a new diet blockbuster from time to time...very commonly used tricks in various quick weight loss products, programs, secrets...etc. 

    You would ‘never’ recommend any of these to your own children, therefore, you should not recommend these to yourself either. Healthy long-term natural weight loss is possible, so mild and so safe that you can recommend to your own children. 

    That is what you should recommend to yourself.

        Watch the following videos:  We talk about how to handle Children's Obesity Issue.  That is exactly what you would recommend to yourself as well as to your children. Do unto yourself as you would do to your children. First, do the Kalimera Detox and then the Mb Tea Set (1 Grey, 1 White). Alternate between Grey and White tea every other day. Take one to two teaspoons (about 3-6 grams) per time with 250-300 ml of warm water, three times a day. Individual results may vary. Children may reduce the quantity by half.

        To learn more about our 100% Safe, All-Natural Detox + Weight Loss package, please click here.

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