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Eleotin Primero (90)


The Secret Story on the Development of Eleotin Primero

By Dr. Youngsoo Kim

  1. Around 1996, at the annual general assembly of the American Diabetes Association where famous scholars on diabetes from all over the world gathered, Dr. Ji Won Yoon, from University of Calgary, who provided us with the original P700 technology, attended and I accompanied him. Robert Sherwin, from Yale School of Medicine, who was the president of the American Diabetes Association and who helped us develop our anti-obesity products at that time also participated in the meeting. That is also where we discussed about our project. A seminar about cytokines was also held at Yale, and I participated there and fortunately, I've made a very small contribution, and I've been named co-author of a study published in a technical journal.
  2. By the way, at the time, there was a man from India, an expert in diabetes who came to the meeting as a participant in the Indian delegation (unfortunately, I couldn’t get his name). I thought I could get help from him in penetrating the world's largest diabetes market (India). He got my much attention because I knew there’s a high number of diabetics in India because of their unique genetics. In fact, I'm sure that if Indians do not take the quality Turmeric in the curry which is always on the Indian diet, their existence would be in danger due to having diabetes.
  3. As you know, there are many geniuses in India. I was somehow convinced that he was one of the geniuses.
  4. So I followed him around during the meeting because I was sure that something good would happen once I got to know him and make him participate in our company’s research and development. Investing in a genius will bring some benefits later on…this is also my philosophy in business. And, in addition to his formal presentation, I'd also listened very carefully what he talked with his colleagues. The meeting was crowded so no one could actually care about who overheard someone else's story.
  5. In a conversation between the Indian expert and Dr. Ji Won Yoon (mentioned above) in the hallway, I heard him talking about a rare herb grown somewhere in India, saying that it has a special effect on type 2 diabetes as well as even type 1 diabetes.
  6. Our company had been focusing on the type 2 diabetes market at the time, and because our product was effective for type 1 diabetes, I thought it’s nothing more than just one of the herbs at that time.
  7. About 30 years later, in 2021, a patient who’ve used our product contacted me saying, "My type 1 diabetes has been completely cured." It was good news, but actually, the market of type 1 diabetes is small, and type 1 diabetes patients usually rarely buzz about our products even when they have good results, so I thought it can be the same this time. But just to be sure, I asked her for a video testimonial, and she refused at first, but later she gave me a very detailed testimonial about how she was cured from diabetes with our products. So far, we've gathered about 10 testimonials from type 1 diabetes patients.
  8. From then, type 1 diabetes and their families began to gather around her, and the patients started using our products.
  9. It’s worked pretty well so far.
  10. But in some cases, it hasn’t worked quickly as we expected.
  11. As some patients have got better with our products in a short time period compared to those who do not experience the effect rapidly, I think they must be upset (although they don't say so). I have felt sorry about that.
  12. In the meantime, I spent a lot of money (too expensive to be commercialized) to get the rare Indian herb and conducted a study. I was convinced that this is what I need, and I found it possible to add this herb to our blood sugar health products and this could expand the effects of our products, and I also found its scientific mechanism.
  13. I can confidently say that our existing products are not competitive when it comes to blood sugar health, but I was surprised that the herb can improve the effects of them. In fact, even with our existing products alone, I’ve been confident that I can achieve the world's No. 1.
  14. Anyway, I decided that we continue to study the herb and in four or five years, if there was a strong competitor who would overwhelm us (I don’t think that it’s possible), I would put the company on the market. And also I thought the price of the herb was so high that even if I commercialize it, no one will buy them. (In fact, our existing products were about $3,000 a month at the beginning. The price went down with the enormous efforts of our researchers and production teams.) So I thought this product with the Indian herb will be acceptable to the market to some extent after several years of the similar process as the previous one.
  15. Meanwhile, my daughter, who is in charge of the management of our company, told me that she can buy a large amount of the herb with a relatively cheaper price (of course, it was still expensive in general). The process of getting the unique Indian herb didn’t seem easy for her. I felt sorry for her as my daughter seemed to be going through the same difficult process of wandering around the world looking for those kinds of special herbs like I did.
  1. Anyhow, she said it was possible to commercialize so I thought ‘Okay...whatever. We commercialize it first and figure it out how to solve the break-even problem later. If God wants to bring this product to the world, the problem will be solved naturally, and if our loss is too big, we can stop.’
  2. This is how we’ve developed and released our new product, Primero. I would recommend that if you are already satisfied with our existing products, you don't have to use this product but if you’re not, please use this product and let us know the results so that we can further enhance the science of this product.
  3. We would appreciate it if you could submit the figures of HaA1c, Plasma Insulin, C-peptide, and etc before and after use of this product.
  4. The method of use is to additionally take these with our products you have already been using. You can take one capsule a day, or ake one capsule in the evening, and one capsule in the morning.

If you are not a type 1 diabetic, please do not order more than 3 bottles per person at a time.


About Eleotin® Primero:

The following describe possible benefits of using the product, but specific effects are not guaranteed. Individual results may vary.

It may help promote healthy blood sugar levels. Individual results may vary and no specific result can be confirmed.

Eleotin products, including Eleotin Primero products, scientifically have excellent potential for the treatment and prevention of metabolic syndrome (diabetes, hypertension, obesity, hyperlipidemia, etc.). In addition, it has been verified that there are no side effects or tolerance through dozens of clinical trials in various countries for a long time. ELEOTIN® products are sold as medicines or health functional foods in countries around the world based on these certified efficacies.

Recently, a next-generation product has been developed and is being released and sold under the product name ‘Primero’. If you add it to existing Eleotin blood sugar products and take it, you can expect faster effects through synergistic effects such as enhancing the functions of existing Eleotin products.

Primero products control blood sugar and normalize metabolism, increasing the potential for faster and stronger therapeutic effects. For the general public, it has the potential to help strengthen immune function, prevent diabetes, and recover from fatigue.

How to take (1 bottle / 90 capsules)

If you think that the effect is slow or weak with the existing Eleotin product, please take it as an 'additional' to the existing product. Take 1 capsule twice a day in the evening (1 hour before bedtime) or twice a day in the morning (before meals) and in the evening (1 hour before bedtime).
For the general public without diabetes, taking 1-2 capsules a day in the afternoon is effective for improving health constitution.


These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.