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The Natural Cures for Diabetes E-Book


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About the Author: Dr. Marcus E. Kuypers

An emergency medicine specialist from Washington State, a veteran physician with 34 years of experience who has studied natural therapies such as herbal medicine with an open mind. He majored in biology at Westminster College in Utah and graduated from the University of Texas Medical School in Houston, where he also obtained his specialty training at the same university hospital. He is interested in hospital management and has studied for an MBA at Utah State University and served as a member of the American Hospital Association's Board of Directors. He has worked as a board member of the American Board of Emergency Medicine, director of the Nevada Peer Review, and medical director of government-supported health care institutions and welfare facilities. Through his diverse medical and healthcare administration experiences, he has gained knowledge of alternative medicine such as acupuncture and health foods, and recommended them to his patients. He co-authored a book on herbal medicine with Dr. Ian Danhof, a leading figure in alternative medicine with a PhD and MD, and served as a consultant for a health food company. He currently resides in La Conner, Washington, and is active in visiting elderly centers, serving as a hospice executive medical advisor, and writing books, including "The Natural Cures for Diabetes," among others.