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Martial Arts/Combat Sports Health Series (Collagen Set + Ma5 + Waikiki + Hurricane Combo)

Special Medical Needs for Martial Arts and Combat Sports

Sooner or later, despite proper warming up, stretching and cooling down; every martial artist/combat sport participant will experience a muscle or joint injury. That is why ancient Chinese martial art teachers were ‘required’ to learn how to handle these medical issues before opening a martial art school. Most martial art schools naturally originate as an annexed facility of bone health clinics (image below)

Currently as well as in history, a unique place has been found for high quality collagen to reduce and recover from musculoskeletal injury.

Martial art (combat sport) injuries are often caused by a weakened ‘extracellular matrix’ which surrounds bones, muscles, tendons and ligaments. In general, it provides with structure and rigidity, just like the steel rebar in reinforced concrete

    • It absorbs impact during physical exercise.
    • It delivers the force developed in the muscle via the tendons to the bones at optimized speeds and strengths.

      In fact, this ‘extracellular matrix’ can be
      strengthened with training and ‘high quality collagen’, which is a substance found in connective tissues. It is no surprise that sufficient intake of good quality collagen would strengthen the matrix. Recent research confirms that high quality
      collagen stimulates the extracellular matrix
      up to twice as much as the same training
      regime without the supplement.

      Collagen Reduces Injury
      Long-term use of this supplement
      strengthens cartilage leading to less joint
      pain. Musculoskeletal injuries would heal
      more quickly. Please, have a look at options for post-training formula depending on your special needs.

      All-Natural, Post-Training Formula
      For post training, after a strenuous workout in the martial arts, it is important to focus on muscle and bone recovery as part of body conditioning.

      I. Eleotin Collagen Set (d'Azur & d'Orcia): $150 for 300g each (3-6 months)
      d'Azur contains hydrolyzed wild marine collagen peptides and branch chain amino acids from highest-quality premium fish with lavender and peppermint extracts. While d'Orcia contains special premium aloe leaf gel powder (20 times more expensive than ordinary aloe) with hydrolyzed collagen peptides from grass fed organically grown bovine source.

      (click image to view product page)

      II. Eleotin Ma5 (Vitamin C): $60 for 30 capsules (3 months or 30 sessions of Training)
      Formula from various all-natural premium
      sources such as Sea Buckthorn, Yuzu Peels,
      Acai Berries and Siberian Raspberries. This is
      the winning formula of MA5 against other
      Synthetic Chemical Vitamin C products in the market with artificial citric color and taste. Many side effects are reported. Few people know that rigorous training leads to excessive oxidation which needs to be protected with high quality premium natural anti-oxidant, like Ma-5. For bone strength, Ma-5 is a must.

      (click image to view product page)

      III. Eleotin Waikiki: $60 for 120 capsules (4 months)
      Adequate vitamin D (D3, to be precise) is necessary for both bone and skeletal health. High Quality Vitamin D3 is essential for non-skeletal functions, too, including muscle growth, immune function, inflammatory modulation and athletic performance; decreases risk for numerous chronic and inflammatory diseases As well as the highest quality natural Vitamin D3 which is what we need, rather than D2.

      (click image to view product page)

      IV. All-Natural, Herbal, Pre-Training Formula: Hurricane: $60 for 30 capsules (3 months or 30 sessions of Training)
      We developed Eleotin Hurricane, a revolutionary concoction taken from Ancient Chinese Pre-Training formulas to enhance alertness, stamina, and endurance. High Quality Natural Caffeine, High Quality Natural Vitamin C and Natural Organic Sugar. Take one or two capsules 30 minutes before training. More advanced techniques during training can be deployed with better alertness and coordination. Daily intake leads to fat reduction and muscle definition. 20 grams of collagen set (10 grams each) must be consumed daily Usual sports drinks on the market are highly concentrated white sugar and chemical caffeine. Lethally dangerous for long term use (especially for kidneys). Quite dangerous even for one time use. They likely create an unnatural alertness resulting often in over-evaluation of one’s ability, some sense of invincibility, which is unhealthy. We strictly forbid those products especially for those martial artists/combat sports participants with rigorous training regimes.

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      *Special Information for Steroid and HGH (Human Growth Hormones) users:

      1. Even short term usage of Steroid and HGH can cause insulin resistance which lead to diabetes and other metabolic disorders.

      2. Our Pre-Training Formula (Hurricane) and our flagship product, Super Bentley, both all natural, can replace Steroid and HGH with no harmful side effects. No natural ingredient can truly mimic the speedy efficacy of clinical grade steroids, however, our all natural products rely on the synergistic effects of the complex, innumerable micro nutrients.  Slower but Safer.

      3. Also, our products help those athletes who are already suffering from the side effects of Steroid and HGH.

      4. Many bodybuilders use our products to get more muscle definition. Also, for safe removal of fats. Our products help martial artists and combat sports participants to have lean and powerful muscles that lead to speed and explosion, aesthetically beautiful.

      5. There are special discount programs for the instructors, please inquire.

      6. All the above products are approved by Health Canada (Canadian equivalent of the US FDA) for its efficacy and safety.

      Endorsed by the Martial Arts Experts

      Dr. Youngsoo Kim

      ● Advises Various Governments and senior management of numerous Korean firms including Hyundai, LG, and Samsung ● CEO of Mutsumi Enterprises Canada Corp. 1991-1995 ● Vice President of Toshin Butsuryu (Toyota Automobile Group Japan) 1991-1995 ● Assistant Professor of Finance at the University of Alberta in Edmonton 1987 ● Massachusetts Institute of Technology (Ph.D. in Economics) 1987 ● Section Director in Ministry of Industry and Commerce 1979 ● Protocol Secretary in the Korean Presidential Palace 1978 ● Section Direct or in Ministry of Foreign Affairs 1977●19th Generation Inner Disciple of Yagiugetshinryu ● (*My son, who is a jujitsu student pointed out that I should have said 'we funded a clinical study', instead of 'we did a clinical study'. So, I corrected it here.)


      Carl Messina

       ● Branch Chief Kyokushin-Kenbukai Karate, Shihan 5th Dan ● Training and teaching Kyokushin Karate for over 40 years ● Trained over 300 students in Connecticut to be mentally strong ● US Branch Chief under Saiko Shihan Kenji Fujiwara ● President of Positive Impact Enterprises, LLC ● Trained Top-level Executives from Major US Corporations using Systemology