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Strange diet

“In a week, lose 10kg, eat as much as you want, lose 22kg even while sleeping..." Have you seen such advertisements a lot? It's easy to create products that allow users to lose weight rapidly. However, the effects are temporary and often pose a higher risk to the body. With a little knowledge of chemistry, anyone can create a weight loss product with somewhat toxic additives (yes, toxic) and a powerful diuretic (a chemical that increases urine production).

Once these substances are absorbed into the body, each organ strives to eliminate the toxic chemicals. The diuretic in the product facilitates this process, making it happen more quickly. Through this very dangerous process, some weight is lost, but it is not the burning of body fat; rather, it is a result of losing water. The goal of weight loss should be to promote health, but these products often lead to the opposite outcome.

Many diet products sacrifice the body's health for the sole purpose of weight loss. We produce products that are entirely different from these risky and bizarre ones. As you may know, in Korea, most cases of growth disorders in young women are attributed to the misuse of such bizarre diet products.

Our diet product, Eleotin MB (Eleotin MB), is incomparable to these absurd and outrageous weight loss products making unreasonable claims.

Eleotin MB is not a product designed solely for weight loss; it is a product that normalizes metabolism. If someone with below-average weight were to consume Eleotin MB, their actual weight would likely increase. Therefore, if someone who is already very slim uses Eleotin MB with the goal of further reducing weight, they may not achieve that purpose.

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Eleotin MB exhibits almost permanent and certainly long-lasting efficacy, normalizing the body's metabolism in a healthy and safe way. It truly possesses the characteristics of a proper diet product.

Eleotin products are produced in various forms. Originally developed for the safe treatment of diabetes, Eleotin gained recognition for its safety and effectiveness. Many experts started incorporating it into weight loss programs. Ultimately, blood sugar regulation is deeply related to weight loss issues. The President of the American Diabetes Association even strongly recommended the manufacturer, EBRM, to apply Eleotin, which was initially a diabetes product, to create a diet product.

Until now, Eleotin MB has been sold targeting children with weight issues. This is not because Eleotin MB is ineffective for adults. Due to the overwhelming presence of absurd and toxic products with aggressive advertising campaigns that focus solely on unfounded claims without scientific evidence, we believed that without resorting to false advertising, we couldn't compete with such products. However, for parents considering the 'safety' of products consumed by children with obesity issues and consumers who carefully select products by comparing various factors, we can compete with anyone. Perhaps Eleotin MB is the only diet product that even children can safely consume. Around the beginning of 2007, rumors about Eleotin MB began to spread, and its usage among adults has almost explosively increased.

Now, let's examine some ideal weight management strategies and popular weight loss products and programs.

  1. Fasting: By strictly blocking food intake, a person can lose about 1 pound per day. However, fasting is challenging and painful. If someone has the strong will to enforce fasting, it is better to choose a different program for the sake of health. Moreover, if done incorrectly, fasting can disrupt people's average metabolic patterns to an irreversible extent. When fasting begins, our body's metabolism enters a state of starvation, and the body strives to accumulate as many nutrients as possible. Typically, a few weeks after fasting ends, people tend to gain more weight because the body has already transitioned into a starvation state, making weight loss much more challenging. Additionally, major internal organs may also suffer permanent damage. Fasting also has an impact on the mental aspect; depression is a very common result after fasting and can persist for a considerable amount of time.
  1. Selective Diets: Hollywood Diet, Scarsdale Diet, Atkins Diet (also known as the Emperor Diet), Grape Diet, and many other selective diets are gaining popularity. They seem less painful. Typically, these types of diets are famous for claiming that one can lose weight while eating anything they like. However, realistically, most of these diets have the same issues as fasting. Our bodies react to selective diets in the same way as they do to fasting. When the balance of nutrient intake is disrupted, it is as harmful to the body as malnutrition. Major internal organs often suffer permanent damage.
  1. Medications: This method can have serious side effects and potentially fatal impacts on the body. Many users have died, and numerous lawsuits have arisen due to this approach.
  1. Most Herbal Products: Among manufacturers producing weight control products using herbs, many may not understand the principles behind how herbal products work. Ignorance might be preferable in some cases. Manufacturers of herbal products often do not comprehend how the ingredients in their products work while producing them on the production line. These products commonly contain prohibited substances such as the narcotic stimulant Ephedra or thyroid stimulants. What's worse is that many of these products induce weight loss by adding artificial digestive inhibitors. Additionally, recent trends in traditional herbal diets can also have side effects. Some herbal diet products can cause severe damage to the kidneys. There have been cases around us where women had kidney damage to the point of requiring transplantation after using traditional herbal diet products. Of course, Eleotin is also an herbal product. However, Eleotin is a product with a deeply researched mechanism of action. It has undergone multiple animal experiments and clinical trials conducted by university research institutions and government agencies, proving its safety conclusively. Therefore, it is distinctly different from other herbal products.
  1. Weight Loss Exercise Machines: If used properly and consistently, these machines can help improve muscle health in our bodies. However, 'boredom' is a common issue when using these machines. After a few days of purchase, people often tend to neglect exercise machines. Additionally, these machines can sometimes cause injuries by excessively impacting certain parts of our bodies.

Principles of Weight Management

  1. Prioritize Safety:

Safety should be the top priority.

  1. Emphasize Overall Balance for Health:

For health reasons, focus on achieving an overall balance in the body. Avoid emphasizing only one part of the body for aesthetic purposes.

  1. Approach from a Metabolic Normalization Perspective:

Instead of solely concentrating on weight loss, approach it from the perspective of normalizing metabolism (medically, reducing insulin resistance is crucial).

  1. Programs Should be Manageable with Minimal Discomfort:

Weight loss programs should not involve excessive pain and should be relatively easy to follow.

  1. Avoid Increasing Body Resistance or Dependency:

Avoid increasing resistance or dependency on the body. Many weight loss supplements can be addictive and habit-forming.

  1. Sustain Weight Loss Effect Over the Long Term:

Weight loss effects should persist over an extended period, and there should be no yo-yo effect.

  1. Scientifically Validate Program Effectiveness:

The effectiveness of the program should be reliably validated through scientific methods.

Through current research, it has been concluded that Eleotin MB is the only product satisfying all these conditions. Its safety has been thoroughly verified, considering its extensive use by children. I have personally given these products to my own children. As recommended by the President of the American Diabetes Association, the scientific principles of this product have been definitively proven.

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