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Juvenile (type 1) diabetes and insulin

1. Patients with juvenile diabetes (type 1 diabetes) and severe adult diabetes (type 2 diabetes) must use insulin. Failure to do so could result in loss of life.

2. However, when you use insulin, insulin resistance (a phenomenon in which the body's efficiency in using insulin gradually decreases) occurs. So, the amount of insulin must be increased, and due to insulin resistance, obesity, high blood pressure, dementia, skin disease, polycystic ovary syndrome... Numerous complications occur, including: And if you use too much insulin for a long time, your kidneys will be damaged. Additionally, you are exposed to autoimmune diseases.

3. So, if you use insulin, it is recommended that you exercise your muscles hard and use our product to prevent insulin resistance from occurring.

4. Please note that our product is a 100% safe, natural product that reduces insulin resistance and the effect is almost permanent.

5. If you use our product, the effects will be so amazing that the only risk is to hastily judge that you have improved when it is not yet cured.

6. (When using insulin) If you take our MBT, monitor your blood sugar, and increase your muscle mass, you will experience that your blood sugar can be controlled even if you reduce the amount of insulin by half, and even if you reduce it by 1/4. This will be done within 1-2 months.

7. (At this time, sometimes, when you experience blood sugar control without insulin, the most dangerous thing is to think that you are 'cured'. I repeat, this is the most dangerous. Many parents are hasty in their joy. But it is not yet better. This is not true. If the C-Peptide Test and Plasma Insulin Test are normal and the results are normal, then you will be completely cured. At that time, you will be very happy and shout hurray. Until then, you should not hastily stop taking insulin.

8. Everyone who uses insulin will have a doctor in charge. Those doctors may be sensitive to the use of products other than insulin. To them, 'Our product was originally developed as a health food for patients with infantile diabetes at the Julia MacFarlane Center at the University of Calgary, world-renowned for type 1 diabetes research, and was the first in the world to discover that coxsackie virus causes infantile diabetes. If you say that it is a product that Dr. Jiwon Yoon was the first generation developer and Eastwood Company continued to improve after that, they will tell you to use it with confidence. Alternatively, you can print this webpage or message and show it to your doctor.

9. When we purchased this original technology from the University of Calgary, we purchased it based on the university's assurance/guarantee that juvenile diabetes would be cured if used for about two years. However, we make no such claims/advertisements. Dr. Jiwon Yoon, the founder of the field of infantile diabetes research who created the field of infantile diabetes, must have had some basis when he made such a claim. (However, we would like to clarify once again that neither our company nor our employees make such advertisements or claims. We are only revealing that the university made such claims when we purchased it.)

10. The dosage for product intake is to alternate between Mb Tea's White Tea and Gray Tea, and take 1 sachet each day. If the effect is ineffective or insufficient, or if you are a large young person, try taking 2 sachets a day. If you do that, you will find that your blood sugar is controlled even if you reduce the amount of insulin within 1-2 weeks. If you continue to use the same amount of insulin as you originally used, symptoms of hypoglycemia will begin to appear. At that time, reduce the amount of insulin a little. If the phenomenon appears again after 1-2 weeks, reduce the insulin dose a little more and repeat.

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11. Even if your blood sugar begins to be controlled without insulin, you will need to use our product for 2-3 more months. At the same time, if the C-Peptide Test and Plasma Insulin Test are found to be normal, only then will the patient be completely cured. At that time, we shout out loud with great joy. Until then, don't think too hastily.

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