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Eleotin® Mb Concentrated Capsule (30)


Eleotin® Capsules normalizes the body’s metabolism in a healthy and safe way with benefits almost permanent and definitely long lasting.

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Directions: Take 2 in the Afternoon between lunch and dinner and 1 night capsule an hour prior to sleep.

Introduction to Obesity and Diabetes: More and more people are concerned about their weight. Based on all the recent obesity trends they should be. More than half of the North American adults are presently considered overweight. This trend is especially serious in the United States where obesity analysts believe that over the next ten years a clear majority of all Americans will be overweight. In other parts of the world, obesity is also prevalent however it is growing at a less alarming rate. Worldwide, medical experts are now strongly warning their patients that obesity is a leading contributor to numerous long-term health threats. How can we slow or stop the progress of this alarming trend?

Of course, there are many weight control methods. Some methods appear quite innovative. There are diet programs like the diet cafe, diet package tours, fasting clinics, vegetable enzyme diet, one fruit diet, emperor’s diet, the protein diet etc. Yet, obesity is still spreading rampantly. The emergence of all of the above novel weight control methods is really just a sign of our frustration and willingness to try anything, rather than of the effectiveness of those methods.

Since society places such a huge premium on physical appearance, the demand for weight control products is enormous. The Weight Loss Industry understands that people are very desperate for a weight control product they can believe in. So numerous innovative products are introduced each year. Many people try these new products and spend billions of dollars each year. However, not many people succeed at losing weight and those who succeed initially tend to gain back the weight quite rapidly. These yo-yo customers are highly regarded by the Weight Loss Industry because they become repeat customers.

Don’t you think that it is about time that we question why all these weight control methods always fail to deliver on their promises? We need to discover what went fundamentally wrong. We need to understand what are our realistic weight loss options and what are their chances of success. We believe that presently most people take a very simplistic approach that focuses only on how many pounds of weight they lose. As long as everyone focuses on the poundage lost, there is no way to solve the obesity problem. We must look deeper into how someone both gains and losses weight. Then we will be closer to the answer.

We believe that what we should not be very concerned about how many pounds are lost. Rather we should focus on correcting the imbalance of the basic nutritional and energy metabolism that started the whole weight gain problem in the first place. We believe that focusing only on lost poundage is wrong and even dangerous. This narrow focus can often lead to using superficial weight loss approaches with many dangerous side effects, with only temporary weight loss results, and with an unrealistic chance of success.