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Core technology

Eleotin is the world's only herbal medicine proven to be effective in safely curing metabolic syndrome, including diabetes. There are many drugs and health functional foods that control blood sugar levels, but Eleotin is the only product whose pharmacological effects have been clearly revealed through scientific experiments by various professional research institutes.

Unlike existing oral hypoglycemic agents that temporarily lower blood sugar levels, Eleotin acts comprehensively on the metabolic process to safely and naturally regulate blood sugar levels semi-permanently.

Among patients with severe adult-onset diabetes (NIDDM) who used Eleotin, 70% had their blood sugar levels normalized and almost all complications cured within 6 months to 1 year, and normal blood sugar levels were maintained even after discontinuing use.

Pharmacological Actions (Modes of Actions)

• An average 88% increase in insulin secretion from the pancreas
• Inhibition of glycolysis by an average of 37% to delay rapid rise in blood sugar levels after a meal
• An average 31% increase in insulin binding by strengthening the insulin receptor function in various cells
• Increasing the expression of glucose transporter in beta cells Strengthens pancreatic function by increasing

How is it different from other diabetes treatments?

• Eleotin is the only treatment known worldwide that fundamentally improves diabetes symptoms in a safe, long-term manner without side effects or resistance. It is fundamentally different from pharmaceutical companies' chemically synthesized prescription drugs (Western medicine), which are only short-term symptomatic prescriptions.

• As a result of rigorous independent toxicity testing and animal testing conducted by various universities, research institutes, and government agencies around the world, it has been proven that Eleotin does not cause harmful interactions when combined with other treatments.

• Eleotin is a herbal medicine derived from colostrum that has been scientifically proven to be effective, pharmacological, and safe. Existing herbal products are shot gun treatments with a high risk of side effects as their pharmacological effects are unknown and their purpose is simply to lower blood sugar levels, so high unpredictable risks and uncertainties exist.

• Eleotin is the only treatment that has proven to be highly effective in improving various metabolic syndromes, including diabetes. The rate of spread of metabolic disorders such as obesity, high blood pressure, diabetes, dementia, and arteriosclerosis, also known as 'X-syndrome', is beyond imagination. More than half of them are caused by insulin resistance. Eleotin fundamentally improves insulin resistance without side effects. More importantly, it does not just temporarily relieve symptoms but also semi-permanently solves the cause of the problem by normalizing metabolism. Because it is a fundamental treatment, not only can visible symptoms be improved, but various secondary health-promoting effects can be expected, such as better sleep, improved vision, enhanced sexual function, and improved skin beauty.

Evaluation by professional organizations in each country

• Diabetes specialists and diabetes associations from around the world have recognized the efficacy of Eleotin. For example, China's Nanjing Diabetes Association evaluated that "P-700 ideally treats diabetes," and Korea's Korean Diabetes Association and the Korean Pharmaceutical Association also published a publication stating, "More than 70% of diabetes patients were cured." It was introduced through.

• The president of the American Diabetes Association highly recommended and supported P-700. Australian Dr. Michael Sichel vividly testifies to this fact in his book (2004, Bookbound Publishing), stating that the president of the American Diabetes Association made considerable efforts to induce investor interest in P-700. He said he strongly recommended developing P-700 not only as a diabetes treatment but also as a weight control agent. His recommendation later became a reality with the Eleotin® MB product.

 • Even doctors who were initially negative about health functional foods are now actively recommending and using Eleotin. In addition to recommending its use to patients, doctors with diabetes symptoms have used it themselves. Many specialists have conducted rigorous academic research on Eleotin, and the results have been published in renowned academic journals.

• Tsinghua University in China reconducted a separate, independent clinical trial on the efficacy of Eleotin on 300 diabetic patients. The test subjects were 23 to 87 years old, with 256 adult (type II) diabetic patients and 44 pediatric (type I) diabetic patients. As a result of clinical trials, blood sugar levels were normalized in 70% of patients, and complications were improved in 98%.

• International interest in the efficacy and safety of Eleotin goes beyond academic and private research. China conducted additional rigorous animal testing, toxicity testing, and human clinical testing on Eleotin under the leadership of the Ministry of National Health, and its safety and surprising effectiveness were once again proven. (Generally, the significance level of 0.01 is recorded, which means 99% certainty)
The results of the Chinese government's experiments are published in detail in the clinical trials and research papers section.

• Korea's leading endocrinology researchers and several renowned medical schools conducted several clinical trials on Eleotin and delivered the results, which proved its medical efficacy and safety, to EBMR through unofficial channels. During this process, P-700 treatment and Eleotin® became widely known in the Korean medical community.

• EBMR CEO Dr. Youngsoo Kim has become an international celebrity, appearing dozens of times on national television channels in the United States and Chinese television. In three cities in China, diabetic patients who experienced the effects invited Dr. Kim and held a thank you and welcoming party.

• As effectiveness and safety are verified, governments around the world are quickly granting difficult approvals. In the case of China, as soon as the 'J200600' category of imported drugs was newly established, the first license (license number J2006001) was granted. Taiwan, Canada, the Philippines, Singapore, and Nigeria have approved the sale of all or part of the Eleotin product line as medicine or health functional food. The U.S. FDA also allowed sales in the U.S. through a special Prior Notice.

• As of the end of 2009, more than 150,000 people around the world, including the United States, Korea, China, and Canada, have used or are using Eleotin. If you search for 'Eleotin' on the Internet search site Google, you will find over 120,000 related websites and blogs in English and over 100,000 in languages ​​other than English.

• Several specialized books on eleotin have been published, and it has begun to be regularly cited in textbooks used by endocrinologists. A DVD introducing Eleotin has also been produced in several languages.

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