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What does a proper detox entail?

Dr. Kellogg, famous as the inventor of Kellogg's cereal, once stated that all modern diseases are diseases of civilization, and almost all diseases that can be called diseases of civilization actually arise from constipation. From ancient Egyptian medicine to all medical traditions in the East and West, constipation is often cited as a major cause of many illnesses. Modern individuals are particularly prone to constipation for a number of reasons: stress, lack of exercise due to sedentary lifestyles, lack of natural fiber intake... the list goes on.

The problem is that individuals often think they are having regular bowel movements, but in many cases, they actually have a significant amount of fecal impaction (hardened stool) inside their bodies. There are even rare cases where individuals have as much as 20 kilograms of fecal impaction without any noticeable symptoms. Particularly, modern individuals who consume excessive amounts of sugar, exceeding 100 kilograms per year, and those with diabetes who have elevated blood sugar levels, may have sticky sugar particles adhering to the walls of the intestines. This easily leads to the formation of fecal impaction, which presses on the intestines, creating grotesque large pockets of impacted stool just by looking at the surface of the intestines.

This impacted stool continues to emit toxicity into the body, serving as a habitat for numerous harmful microorganisms, including bacteria and even parasites. The modern intake of chemicals, preservatives, and pesticides also contributes significantly to the formation of this toxic fecal impaction. Such impacted stool does not naturally get expelled from the body over time. Instead, it stays inside the body for an extended period, transforming into more toxic substances over time. As it releases toxins throughout the body, it adversely affects our health, leading to fatigue, unhealthy skin color, obesity, diabetes, cancer, and other health issues.

Among these, diabetic patients face particularly serious problems with constipation. Diabetes can be a cause of constipation, and constipation, in turn, exacerbates the suffering of diabetic patients. About 30% of diabetic patients suffer from severe constipation. This is because the elevated blood sugar concentration in the bloodstream causes the colon to absorb moisture into the bloodstream. As a result, the lack of moisture in the intestines leads to frequent and severe constipation. Diabetic patients not only experience damage to the nerves around the intestines but also are prone to autonomic neuropathy due to confused nerve signal transmission caused by high blood sugar. Inability to engage in appropriate exercise at the right time leads to constipation, especially as a side effect of prescribed diabetes medications. Constipation is problematic for anyone, but for diabetic patients, it complicates blood sugar regulation and makes diabetes treatment more challenging, especially when there is fecal impaction, with a continuous release of high levels of sugar from impacted stool.

Laxatives can quickly lead to tolerance and dependency, making bowel movements impossible without them. The dosage should be increased rapidly, and they come with significant side effects. They are by no means a long-term solution. Various methods, including the use of liquids or even enemas mixed with coffee or yogurt, are employed to inject fluids from the anus into the colon. However, these methods, when used on weakened and scarred intestinal walls and protective mucous membranes, often cause damage.

Whether you have diabetes or not, a proper approach to constipation involves consuming a substantial amount of probiotic products such as yogurt and kimchi to increase the presence of beneficial bacteria in the intestines, drinking plenty of fluids, getting adequate exercise, and eating lots of natural vegetables (containing plant-based fiber) into the diet. In addition to these measures, Eleotin Kalimera (Kalimera corresponds to "Good Morning" in Greek) is a very healthy product enriched with the following special ingredients.

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  1. Aloe is widely recognized around the worldfor its role in safely promoting regular bowel movements, due to its high-quality plant-based fibers and the presence of anthraquinone compounds (especially aloin).
  2. Konjac, on the other hand, aids in bowel activity and helps lower cholesterol due to its glucomannan content.
  3. Alfalfa is a plant that animals in the natural environment instinctively seek out and consume when they suffer from severe constipation.
  4. Eleotin®Kalimera, made from extracts of the above plants, not only helps dissolve fecal impaction but also, upon reaching the colon, expands in volume to stimulate bowel movements. It tones the muscles around the colon, making it more resilient.

As a result, numerous health benefits manifest, including increased vitality in daily life, improved skin appearance, weight loss, reduced abdominal bloating, decreased bad breath, and even enhancements like improved eyesight and hair loss treatment. Many patients express joy over reduced menstrual pain, improved migraines, alleviated cold symptoms, enhanced cognitive abilities, among other positive outcomes.

However, the distinctive feature of Eleotin®Kalimera lies in its celery extract. Celery, commonly consumed in salads, has a historical use in ancient Chinese imperial courts as an anthelmintic to eliminate parasites like tapeworms. Eleotin Eastwood successfully replicated this ancient Chinese celery therapy through a collaborative research effort spanning over ten years with the Chinese Academy of Sciences, Qinghua University, and XinNong Pharmaceutical. The extracted substance was then incorporated into Eleotin Kalimera.

This extract exhibits a potent effect in treating constipation, so powerful that it can expel parasites, including tapeworms, during the process of dissolving fecal impaction and excretion. Scientifically proven as a product that safely suppresses excessive appetite in obese patients, Eleotin Kalimera is made using 100% premium natural ingredients. It has been demonstrated to be an excellent aid in blood sugar regulation. The recommended usage is to take 2-3 capsules two to three times a day, accompanied by ample water intake. Maintaining a fiber-rich diet, consuming sufficient amounts of yogurt and kimchi (without added sugar), engaging in regular exercise, and massaging the lower abdomen for about 5 minutes before bedtime are also recommended.

This product is essential for diabetic patients but is equally safe and beneficial for individuals without diabetes. It is particularly helpful for students, office workers, and frequent travelers. As of 2015, among all detox cleanse products available worldwide, this is the only one scientifically proven to be safe for everyone, including diabetic patients, and meticulously crafted for healthy blood sugar control. You may experience a remarkable increase in the volume of bowel movements every morning (or two to three times a day). Don't be surprised to find dark, foul-smelling stool in 2-3 days, and lots of ugly, long-digested objects and parasites in it.

For those who have used Kalimera for detox and did not experience the noticeable results you desired in a short period, we'd like to share the following information:

  • If you did not see a rapid weight loss effect in the short term, it is likely because you were not significantly overweight to begin with or may have set overly idealistic aesthetic standards for yourself. The rapid effects of Kalimera are often more evident in individuals who are genuinely overweight.
  • If you generally maintain good health and do not accumulate fecal impaction in your intestines, you may not feel any significant effects. It is important to note that Kalimera does not contain any artificial laxatives to induce bowel movements. If you have noticed even a slight change in bowel frequency or volume, you have indeed experienced the actual effects, even if they may feel relatively less pronounced.
  • The ten-day regimen using two bottles of Kalimera is recommended for individuals with relatively good health as a general guideline. Depending on your level of obesity or gut health, you may need to increase your dosage or duration. Keep in mind that individual responses may vary.
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