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A message to pediatric (type 1) diabetes patients (and parents)

by CEO Dr. Youngsoo Kim

First of all, I am posting the following with a heavy and sorry heart.

[Why you need to lower your GAD levels]

1. The health method for patients with type 1 (pediatric) diabetes that we have introduced so far rests the pancreas and supplies sufficient nutrients. So the main goal was to give beta cells a chance to come back to life.

2. However, even if the beta cells are revived, if the autoimmune response continues to kill the revived beta cells, you will start over from the beginning... In other words, saving the beta cells and thus raising the C-Peptide level is only half ( It is a half-length treatment. In other words, if the GAD level is high, the beta cells come back to life and then die again, or come back to life and then die again, so lowering the GAD level is the only way to achieve a completely balanced treatment.

3. So, how to lower GAD levels? To do that, we need to know why GAD goes up, and these are multiple pathways. So, I am extremely sorry that I cannot sum it up neatly in one word.

4. (1) Among various causes, ‘leaky gut phenomenon’ seems to be the most representative case. I think about half of them fall into this category.

(2) After being infected with the coxsackie virus, my parents thought I was suffering from a 'stomach flu' or 'a cold with enteritis', but my gut leaky phenomenon occurred and GAD levels rose significantly, killing beta cells. Additionally,

(3) many other factors (the most representative example is glutin) can cause intestinal leakage, which can cause GAD levels to rise. It seems to me that this explains about half of the cases of type 1 diabetes. It would be great if I could figure out a very simple and clear factor, deal with it, and things would get better... but my abilities and knowledge are currently stuck at this level. However, approximately half of the cases of type 1 diabetes are due to this causal relationship, and when intestinal problems occur among patients, type 1 diabetes symptoms worsen in almost 100% of cases. So, when you use our product, you achieve many therapeutic effects, such as an increase in C-Peptide levels, but then it returns to its original state, and the process repeats.

(4) I would like to reiterate that “restoring gut health,” as we have argued, is half the cure for type 1 (pediatric) diabetes. However, commercially available lactic acid bacteria are often harmful to intestinal health. We will organize this separately. First of all, regarding restoration of intestinal health, click on the product image below to see the products we recommend and various precautions.

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